ITRI - Power Grid Talent Development Alliance Scholarship

To cope with the development of renewable energy and the increasing demand for talents in the electricity and power grid sector, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has established the "Power Grid School and Talent Development Alliance" in collaboration with enthusiastic companies and individuals. They have also set up the "Power Grid Talent Development Alliance Scholarship" to provide scholarships, serving as a nurturing ground for students aspiring to become power industry elites. In addition, top domestic industry, government, academia, and research institutions have been invited to establish the "Power Grid School" to cultivate domestic power talents, attract employment incentives, and provide training resources, thus comprehensively promoting Taiwan's progress towards sustainable energy goals.

Formosa 3 is not only a member of this alliance but has also been sponsoring the scholarship program since 2019, demonstrating its commitment to talent cultivation and green energy advancement in Taiwan. 

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