Formosa 3 Project participated in a beach cleaning event in Fuxing Township, Changhua, joining hands with local residents to restore the cleanliness of Fubao Wetland.

The Formosa 3 Offshore Wind Power Project (Formosa 3) is committed to clean wind energy development and environmental sustainability while incorporating a belief in local environmental conservation. Last Saturday (2022, July 2nd), the team members of Formosa 3 participated in the beach cleaning event, initiated by the Fuxing Township Office in Changhua. The event took place at Fubao Wetland in Fuxing Township, Changhua County. Over 20 members of the Formosa 3 team, including their families, enthusiastically participated, along with local communities. Despite the scorching sun, the participants collected a total of over 4,200 kilograms of marine waste.


Fubao Wetland, located in Fuxing Township, Changhua County, is best known for its art installations made from driftwood brought by hundreds of typhoons. These installations embody the concepts of recycling, reconstruction, and a return to nature. The government has also developed Fubao Ecological Park, providing a habitat for over a hundred species of waterbirds. However, a significant amount of marine debris remains in the coastal wetlands, causing severe environmental pollution. By actively engaging in this beach cleaning event, the Formosa 3 Offshore Wind Power team translated their concern for the ocean and the local environment into practical action, working together with community volunteers to restore the pristine appearance of the coastline.


The beach cleaning activity lasted for three hours, with the participation of the Formosa 3  team and over a thousand local residents from Changhua. Together, they removed over 4,200 kilograms of human-made waste, including polystyrene foam, plastic bottles, various plastic and glass products, and discarded fishing nets. Of the total waste collected, over 600 kilograms were recyclable materials, showcasing significant achievements.


The Formosa 3 team was delighted to take part in this beach cleaning event. Through hands-on efforts to clean up marine waste, team members gained a deeper appreciation for the rich ecology and the importance of environmental conservation along Taiwan's western coast. While focusing on the development of the offshore wind power project, the Formosa 3 team is committed to setting an example in environmental conservation. They eagerly anticipate advancing the green energy transition through clean wind energy and working together with Taiwan to safeguard our beautiful homeland.